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What is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

It is an exciting learning journey we guide the children through during their time at the Center. All early years’ professionals ensure our children are kept healthy and safe and their develops skills are ready for school and the future.


This is done under the theme of four guiding principles:

  • A Unique Child

  • Positive Relationships

  • Enabling Environments

  • Learning and Development

Under these themes there are seven areas of learning use to plan your child’s daily activities:


& Language


Speaking, listening and understanding.



 Numbers, shape, space and measurements, problem-solving

Physical Development


Self-care, moving and handling.


The World


How does my world works? Early science, geography, history

Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Making relationships, confidence and understanding appropriate behavior

Expressive Arts & Design


Music, art and craft, dance, storytelling, drama



Reading & writing

Are you interested in becoming an early years educator? 

The first three areas are important for children to develop initially, as these will help them to develop skills in the remaining four specific areas as they grow.

Within the EYFS, your child will learn through playing, exploring and being active and creative, both indoors and outside. When they join TCC, they will be assigned a ‘key person’ responsible for their care and learning, and you can ask them about your child’s progress at any time. You will also receive written information about their development at age 2.

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