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TALS provides you with a certified program on Childcare and Education in Grenada.

Whether you are looking to start a new career or improve the knowledge of your childcare career, TALS provides you with fully certified childcare and education courses in the island of Grenada.

"One of the biggest benefits of T.A.L.S is that the classes are small and tailored to meet the individual needs of the students. I think the classes are not only interactive and of high quality, but the lectures and lessons are well organized as the lecturer is very helpful and passionate about her training and services provided. T.A.L.S has given me the confidence I needed to perform my job effectively and efficiently and I have definitely grown as a person and a professional from enrolling in the training.

I think the best word that describes T.A.L.S is excellence!"


Caroline Belfom - Teacher at Taylor's Children's Center

How does Taylor Adult Learning Services work?

Have a look at all the courses on offer and chose what best suit your needs. We have various courses covering childcare and education in early years to start off or/and enhance your career. Read through the details on the course specification.

What do you need to get started?

It’s easy, fill in the single page enrolment form and you will immediately enroll on the course. You will then be contacted to complete assessments to ascertain the level of support you may need from TALS. You can also give us a call if you have any other questions and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can now fully register online for our program.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about TALS, feel free to drop us a line. Fill in the form below and our team will try to contact you within the next 48 hrs.

Not sure if this is the right course for you?

Lessons are delivered in a small and friendly class room atmosphere with 1 on 1 support. We have lots of resources, videos, links and assignments for studying your chosen course. You will receive your certification once all assignments have been completed.

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