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"I have been a student of Mrs. Theresa Taylor of TALS for the past two (2) years, I completed CACHE Level 2 last year and now I am about to complete CACHE Level 3.   In the beginning of Level 3 of this Early Years Program I was nervous and very unsure of my future. But with the support and encouragement I was given by Mrs. Taylor my self-confidence has developed even more. Her classes are exciting, interactive and no answer given to a question is a wrong. She looks at each student in her class as an individual and she works along with them to make sure that their individual needs are met and they achieve a positive outcome. Mrs. Taylor supported me in times when I want to give up she would say “can’t” is not a word to use, she would say “you can’t give up now because you have reached too far.

I have been  working with children for the past nine (9) years with this I have gained a lot of experience caring for young children, but I did not have the knowledge to explain why I was doing different  planned activities with the children. But when I attended classes with Mrs. Taylor she equipped me with the tools, knowledge and resources I needed to further develop my career as an Early Years Educator. Some of the modules I really liked were equality, diversity and inclusive practices and also I love learning about the different theorists and what they stated about young children learning and development. My favorite is Lev Vygotsky’s theory of “scaffolding” where he states that by the practitioner carefully observing what a child can do we can planned activities that would challenge them on give the child more opportunities to learn and develop.

With this new knowledge, I have obtained the information needed to backup and explain to the parents and carers of the children in my care the benefits and opportunities of learning I would provide to them through planned play activities. And now I am equipped to use the tools I have learned to explain terms, give examples and provide advice to parents and other working professionals that work along with me to develop the holistic needs of the child. Whether it is to develop and build the child’s self- confidence and to make sure that the child’s individual needs are being met on a daily basis"

Lakisha Aban - CACHE Level 2 and CACHE Level 3

Supporting Children’s Development Qualification: 

Certificate Accredited by CACHE Duration: Within two months 
Numbers of hours: 30 GLH

Placement required Training: 

  • Understand the stages of Child development from birth to 7 years

  • Understand influences on children’s development

  • Understand the needs of children during transition

  • How to support children during transition

How is the course taught? 

In class, using a variety of teaching methods

How will I be assessed? 

Portfolio of evidence and competence in a real work environment

Working with children with special educational needs Qualification:

Certificate Accredited by CACHE Duration: Within two months

Number of hours: 19 GLH 

Placement required Training:

  • Identify factors for children needing additional support

  • How personal experiences, values and beliefs impact on practice

  • Understand inclusive practice

  • Role of early intervention in partnership working

  • Support the additional needs of children

How is the course taught? 

In class, using a variety of teaching methods

How will I be assessed? 

Portfolio of evidence and competence in a real work environment

Level 2 Certificate in an Introduction to Early Years Education and Care Qualification:

Full Level 2 Certificate Accredited by CACHE

Duration: Within 11 months

Number of hours: 269-282

GLH 250 Placement hours

Training: The 16 units are structured around the following four themes:

Theme 1: Introducing the role of the early year’s practitioner
Theme 2: Legislation, framework and professional practice
Theme 3: Play, development, and learning for school
Theme 4: Professional development How is the course taught? In class, using a variety of teaching methods How will I be assessed? Pass in a portfolio of all Units and competence in a real work environment

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