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How does Taylor’s Adult Learning Services work?

The mission of Taylor’s Adult Learning Service (TALS) is to facilitate and develop the educational and learning experiences of the adult learner. We are committed to quality certified childcare training to support children’s growth and development. Collaboration and professionalism in partnership with stakeholders will improve the quality of childcare delivery in the community.

1. Browse through our courses :

Have a look at all the courses on offer and chose what best suit your needs. We have various courses covering childcare and education in early years to start off or/and enhance your career. Read through the details on the course specification.

2. Contact us :

If you have any queries about a particular course do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Call us on 473-536-3000 or 535 8562/E-mail or fill out the query form on the course page. We will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any queries about the courses and payment methods.

3. Sign up :

Its easy, fill in the single page enrolment form and you will immediately enroll on the course. You will then be contacted to complete assessments to ascertain the level of support you may need from TALS.

4. Sessions and Assignments :

Lessons are delivered in a small and friendly class room atmosphere with 1 on 1 support. We have lots of resources, videos, links and assignments for studying your chosen course. As adult students, you will be expected to pace your own completion of assignments with support and guidance from your class tutor.

5. Feedback :

All assignments will be marked within 7 working days. You will be provided with both verbal and written feedback to improve and develop your learning. As there will always be a tutor in class, feedback is immediate.

6. Qualifications:

You will receive your certification once all assignments have been completed whether it’s a full one year course or small CPD courses.

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